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 Kylin Overview

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PostSubject: Kylin Overview   Wed Jul 28, 2010 9:49 am


Kylin was founded on the Harshlands Server in March 2009. Its leader, XuLin, created Kylin with the intention of making it a battle oriented (TW) faction. From its start, Kylin grew rapidly, building a strong group of active players and conquering lands. The first territory secured by Kylin was 'The Great Lake'. Kylin's color on the map is yellow.

Kylin is a level 3 faction. While we are serious about territory wars and other high-end aspects of the game, we strive to maintain a fun atmosphere and close-knit gaming family.

All members of our faction are important to us, and together, they help make Kylin what it is today.


- All new recruits must be level 90+

- Since we are a TW oriented faction, all members are expected to participate regularly in this weekly activity (Fri-Sun).

- Members of Kylin should be active, playing daily or every few days, and only placing their main account in our faction.

- Members are expected to participate in faction activities & events, uphold faction rules, utilize Ventrilo and the Kylin forums on a regular basis.

- Members must keep faction information confidential, and treat each other with respect. If a problem arises between Kylin members, we expect the situation to be handled in an adult manner, involving officer assistance if necessary. We do not tolerate drama or troublemakers.

- We strive to help our members grow in level, strength, knowledge of the game and as PvP'ers. While we are not an rpk faction, we do attack guilds that are on our KoS list, any player that attacks us first (self-defense), or red named non-factioned players.

If you have any questions about guild rules & regulations, or need further assistance, please contact a Kylin officer.
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Kylin Overview
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