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 Lollyee Archer 100 app

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PostSubject: Lollyee Archer 100 app   Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:46 am

In game name:
Class: Lollyee
Current Level: 100
Cultivation: Demon
Current and previous factions: Crimson then left to go solo for a month
Other characters on Harshlands: None
Country: NZ
Are you over the age of 18: Yes
When do you play and how long: NZ. usuually play whenever i can. on for main events aswel

Base Physical/Magical Attk: 8546-13164
Physical Defense: 4161
Magical Defense: 3665
Current HP unbuffed and buffed please: 6160 and 7920

Territory Wars:
On what days are you generally able to attend TWs: Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays.
Do you have Ventrilo: Yes
Do you have a mic: Yes
What is your Territory War experience: Ive been in about 10-15 TWs so not heaps of experience but enough to have a good understanding. Mainly ive been in attack cata squads to take out Mag class an other archers to protect Cata cleric and are barb. Also been on defence to take out opponents cata clerics and archers and the odd BM.

Tell Us about yourself:
Write down few lines why would accept you to our faction: Il being my experience in PVP and also backup in pvp when needed. Also hopefully help Kylin hold there Territory and gain even more in Territory wars

Reference: Probably

Do you agree to faction rules (Kylins Rules): Yes

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PostSubject: Lollyee Archer 100 app   Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:48 am

http ://pwcalc.com /312728310a92b45f

Calc ddnt post il split it apart hopefully this works
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Lollyee Archer 100 app
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